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Introduction and advantages of soy protein fiber



Soy Protein Fiber (SPF) is the only protein fiber made from soybean cake. Their physical properties are same as that of synthetic fiber. It gives tremendous change in properties like smoothness/luster/comfort/absorbency/strength/shrinkage when mix with other fibers. For example; when soybean fibers mix with cashmere, it gives smooth quality with an enhancement of easy care properties. As a wool/soy protein fiber, it reduces shrinkage and increases ease of care. As a silk blend, it improves the properties of silk with the prevention of the fabric from sticking to the skin when wet.


Inspite of this, SPF is the only renewable botanic protein fiber. Its 16 amino acids are healthy and nutritional to people's skin. This fiber basically comes from soybean; plant massive in sourcing and rich in nutrition. It is a kind of an active fiber shows the superiorities of many natural fibers and synthesized one.


Processability/Pretreatment: SPF has different physical & chemical construction from natural protein fiber. During the production process we should select fit equipment and proper settings:


a)   Desizing: As we know, all textile materials (woven fabric/knitting) require desizing which can further be processed by enzymatic desizing, alkali or oxidative desizing. Mercerization is usually not recommended as SPF is unable to bear the strong caustic soda.


b)   Scouring & Bleaching: As we know, the purpose of using scouring & bleaching is to remove oil, lubricants & pigments. We may use hydrogen peroxide bleaching, reduction bleaching depending upon color. The natural color of SPF is curcuma which is difficult to remove. Hence use of bleaching is recommended for these fibers. In case of very light colors, it is preferable to use whitening agents.


Synthesis: SRF is an advanced textile fiber made from Soybean cake after oiling followed by new bioengineering Technique.


· Firstly, protein is distilled from soybean cake & refined.

· Secondly, Use auxiliary agent & biological enzyme which make changes in the space structure of spherical protein. After that, Protein spinning liquid is confected by adding high polymers

· Thirdly, once the liquid is cook, the 0.9-3 dtex fiber is produced by wet spinning which is further stabilized by acetalizing & then finally cut into short staples after curing and thermoforming.


Features: Fabrics from SPF have the following features:


· Luster: SPF have the luster of silk with excellent drape

· Comfort: It is soft, smooth & light weight

· Absorbency: They have same moisture absorption as cotton & better moisture transmission than cotton.

· Easy Dyeing: The original state of the product has good dyeing penetration & colorfastness properties.

· Strength: They have higher breaking strength than wool, cotton & silk but less than that of polyester

· Shrinkage: These fibers don't shrink under infaluence of boiling water

· Easy Care: These fibers are anti-crease, easy wash & fast drying

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